Our Services

Our wide array of services and vast portfolio comprises of the most integral and essential offerings that can help organizations leverage their existing resources and tap in to future potential profit points.

Consulting Services

Process effectiveness hinges upon appropriate harmonization and synergies between organizational objectives and its enabler dimensions namely people, processes, organisation and systems. The design of those dimensions and their alignment with the organizational objectives is the key to good performance. Our process effectiveness approach takes a holistic view of all the above dimensions in an integrated manner. We do classify the findings into the appropriate dimension to design comprehensive improvement solutions.

  • Business Planning and IT Strategy Consulting
  • e-Governance Consulting
  • IT Project Management and Consulting
  • Security Consulting
  • Network and IT Infrastructure Consulting
  • Capacity Building and Training
  • Data Warehousing/Data Mining Consulting

  • Benefits of Consulting
    • Processes are streamlined creating efficiencies & cost savings
    • Personnel are aligned & have a compelling sense of direction towards well defined & consistent service delivery model
    • Data management practices are addressed to mitigate risk and ensure a secure & manageable environment
    • Management develops better appreciation of challenges & opportunities related to current state & targets

Software Services

Globe Soft is proud to house outstanding professionals who believe that extending exceptional effort is the only way to consistently provide quality products and timely support to our valuable clients. Our team takes great effort and pride to ensure that we deliver solutions which bring about the needed positive impact in our clients’ business. Our team is amongst the very best in the business, comprising industry experts, business analysts and software developers. Together, our connoisseurs have consistently synergized their expertise, and have designed, developed and implemented numerous successful solutions for all our satisfied clients.

    • Our Software Services are:
    • Customer centric
    • Business case driven
    • Coupled with domain expertise and appropriate technologies
    • Conducted with well defined organizational processes for managing projects within its scope, time & budget
    • Combination of multiple software development methodologies
    • Compliant with ISO and CMMI standards
    • Developed using prototype approach for visual confirmation
    • Implemented phase wise as per priority
    • Quality assurance and control

  • Software Engineering

    Software engineering (SE) is the application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software. Globe Soft has expertise is providing end-to-end solutions for our clients based on their needs and priority. Our approach towards solution implementation involves a detailed study of the client requirements, assess build Vs buy model based on the urgency, develop software which is modular, robust, scalable & reusable, best fit to supplement other systems, knowledge transfer from and to client and on-going support & maintenance for interruption free operations.

Quality Assurance Services

Globe Soft offers a full suite of Software Quality Assurance (QA) services throughout the entire software development lifecycle including process assessment, process improvement and software testing.

The benefit of having a third-party to review and reflect on the quality of your software is invaluable. Our team of analysts pays high attention to detail and remains unparalleled in the areas of functional testing performance testing and the implementation of automation solutions.

    • Quality Assurance (QA) services:
    • 1. Testing Activities
      • Document specification, design & code review
      • Unit, Modular & Integration Testing
      • Compatibility, Usability & Security Testing
    • 2. Testing Management Activities
      • Preparation of User Acceptance Test Plan
      • Setting the Testing and QA process
      • Testing Project Management
    • 3. Automated Regression Testing
    • 4. Performance Testing
      • Load & Stress testing
      • Server side performance optimization
      • Client side performance - capacity planning

Managed Services
Infrastructure Management

IT Infrastructure Management (IT-IM) includes managing all computing resources, policies and frame¬works, towards keeping the IT resources available, reliable, manageable and scalable.

IT infrastructure is therefore very critical to an enterprise. The biggest challenge is to align IT-IM to the business goals of the company. A reliable IT infrastructure can prove to be a differentiator for any enterprise. IT infrastructure comprises networks, systems, task specific appliances, storage devices, printers, mobile devices and much more.

    • IT Infrastructure Management - Services
    • Remote Infrastructure Management
    • Infrastructure Consulting
    • System Integration
    • Data Centre Management (Servers / Storage / Backups)
    • Hosting Services
    • IT Helpdesk Services
    • Managed Security Services
    • Desktop Management

Training and e-Learning
    Globe Soft has experienced and highly trained professionals as well as subject matter experts who drive the following training services:
  • Training Need Analysis (TNA)
  • IT Training
  • Programs for advanced education like medicine, engineering
  • Curriculum Development
  • Self-Study Kits
  • Industry Specific Skills Development


    Globe Soft’s e-learning expertise can be applied to Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education covering all subjects.

  • e-Learning Features:
    • Content Creation
    • Multiple Language Support
    • Content Customization
    • Virtual Classrooms and Courseware
    • Audio-visual content for higher retention


      Applications of e-Learning
    • 1. Primary & Secondary Education
      • TTT Method (Train the Trainers)
      • Self Study Kits with real life examples
    • 2. IT Training
      • Basic
      • Intermediate
      • Advanced
    • 3. Advanced Technology Workshops
      • Industry Specific Skills Development
      • Programs for advanced education like medicine, engineering

Professional Services

The Staffing and Recruitment Solutions division of Globe Soft is an initiative started with a core faith in the fact that large part of business strategy for an enterprise comprise of its people strategy. Played right, people strategy can be the single most significant factor contributing to success of the enterprise. Nothing, from the P/E ratios to the market share matrix is unaffected by people quotient of the organization.

To achieve this objective we partner with large software companies and corporates for technical manpower recruitment in following areas:

  • Turnkey Recruitment Projects

    For the startup companies or projects, we are fully equipped to manage their manpower ramp up on a turnkey basis. We can partner right from manpower estimation, profiling, cost estimation to advertising, initial screening and hiring. This service helps the client to save a lot of time required to interact with multiple vendors with little or no ownership of the assignment. Also there is a firm commitment on deliverables coupled with a cost saving.

  • Contract staffing

    For those conscious of headcounts or those with limited management bandwidth, we also provide contract staff as per their skill requirements. This is need based hiring by the client for a specific duration in specific skill sets. We can partner with the client organization to source and staff the entire project team on a Consulting arrangement or it can be contract to hire.

  • BOT: Build-Operate-Transfer

    We can help international clients in setting up their entire development facility in India under the BOT model. This comprises of setting up the entire infrastructure, hire the necessary skills and manage the project for an initial period of 6 months to 3 years depending on the need of the client.

  • RPO: Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    Globe Soft can undertake an assignment on Recruitment Process Outsourcing. We have excellent infrastructure which can support the activity. Our team of experienced recruiters and an excellent global database of technical resources can help the client in achieving its recruitment goals.

  • Permanent Placements

    With a core search team of experienced professionals, we undertake permanent placement assignments and execute them aggressively across the country. On certain skills we service even globally. We pride ourselves on a 5-step process that assures success and best fit.

    • The Client's Needs Assessment
    • Position Specification
    • Research and Candidate Identification
    • Candidate Interviews and Evaluation
    • Client Selection
  • Retained Executive search

    Given the skills and industry understanding available in the team, we undertake senior level retained search where we engage superior talent mapping and research techniques to deliver desired results. We are engaged in hiring senior positions starting from Project Managers to Chief Technology Officers to Delivery heads for large Software Organizations. With adequate support from some senior technology professionals, we try to understand the exact requirement of the client as well as the strengths of the candidate before forwarding his candidature.

Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity management, a significant component of operational risk management, is a whole-of-business approach that includes policies, standards, and procedures for ensuring that specified operations can be maintained or recovered in a timely fashion in the event of a disruption. Its purpose is to minimize the operational, financial, legal, reputational and other material consequences arising from a disruption. Effective business continuity management concentrates on the impact, as opposed to the source, of the disruption, which affords industry participants greater flexibility to address a broad range of disruptions. At the same time, however, organizations cannot ignore the nature of the risks to which they are exposed. For example, organizations located in earthquake-prone regions commonly plan for the impact of earthquake-related major operational disruptions.

  • Business Continuity Management - Services
    • Business Continuity Planning
    • Risk Mitigation/Remediation
    • Disaster Recovery Architecture Planning
    • Business Operational Planning and Governance Framework
    • Compliance Auditing
    • Data Migration/Recovery Services
    • Mobile/External Recovery Services
    • Pandemic Response & Planning


Globe Soft’s Mobility Services delivers the solutions that prepare our clients and their customers to meet the demands and seize the opportunities. We have extensive knowledge of mobility solutions, with strengths in wireless connectivity, mobile systems, platforms and security. Drawing on our experience, we enable you to select, build, and integrate top-shelf components into a complete mobility solution, tailored to your unique needs.