Globe Soft using its vast Global experience has developed products and frameworks which target the most pressing challenges faced by various verticals. Globe Soft gives you the flexibility and power you need to overcome the business challenges. We provide the following products to help you optimize business processes for maximum efficiency and galvanize your IT infrastructure to be both resilient and robust.

Business Intelligence & Reporting Solutions

Make better business decisions faster with Globe Soft’s Solutions that take business intelligence to a whole new level. Our innovations in business intelligence are designed to enable our clients with broader analytical capabilities so that they have the relevant information needed to drive the business forward.

Enterprise Portal Development

In today’s digital business world, every enterprise is investing in information technology and specifically web enablement for systems and processes. Enterprise portals play a crucial role in this whole mix. An enterprise portal provides internal and external users with an integrated, personalized, and secure Web interface to business information, applications, and services. Globe Soft’s team has invested heavily in building skill sets for creating enterprise portals with state-of-the-art technologies that provide an integrated environment for information exchange within the enterprise.

Hospital Management System - HMS

Globe Soft Hospital Management System provides the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration & control, superior patient care, strict cost control and improved profitability. HMS is designed for multispecialty hospitals, to cover a wide range of hospital administration and management processes. It is an integrated end-to-end Hospital Management System that provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration and critical financial accounting, in a seamless flow.

Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is designed to organize and improve medical office workflow. Each phase of the patient encounter can be duplicated by the EMR system – increasing efficiency, productivity, and revenue.

  • Features:
    • Paperless Records Management
    • Workflow Management
    • EKG/ECG integration
    • Cardiology Drug Database with interaction checking
    • Template Based Prescription Writing
    • Lab Interface
    • Billing/Scheduling Software Interface
    • Document/Image Management
    • Online Patient Portal

Programme / Project / Performance Management Solution

Globe Soft has designed and developed a Performance Management Framework (PMF) which provides the core building blocks and generic features that can be used for developing customized Programme/Project/Performance Management solutions. The framework consists of modules to manage various projects, programmes and activities through its planning, implementation and reporting stages from inception till evaluation and improvement.

    The PMF provides generic building blocks in the following areas:
  • 1. Programme Planning
    • Programme Objectives
    • Programme Phase
    • Programme Activity
    • Programme Budgeting
  • 2. Programme Organization
    • Programme Hierarchy
    • Programme Members
    • Programme Resources
    • Programme Resource Allocation
  • 3. Programme Workflow and Scheduling
  • 4. Programme Feedback
  • 5. Programme Surveillance
  • 6. Programme Metrics and Analytics
  • 7. Programme Inventory
  • 8. Programme Accounting
  • 9. Application Integration
  • 10. User Management

Spend Management

Sourcing strategy, category expertise, negotiation methodology, and procurement executions are all critical components of a highly effective supply management initiative. However, the success of any supply management program is largely dependent upon the ability to access, organize, and analyse spend data. Spend data is also vital for other business strategies, such as budgeting and planning, inventory management, and product development.

    • Benefits of Spend Management Solution:
    • Prioritize Sourcing Needs
    • Compliance
    • Cost Reduction
    • Maximize Supplier Negotiation Leverage
    • Improve Supplier Performance
    • Improve Purchasing Productivity
    • Reduce Sourcing Cycle Times
    • Accurately Forecasting Savings

Enterprise Content Management

Most organizations have plenty of precious information, but the data is scattered over different departments and locations and thus difficult to find. As data is distributed via documents, emails, videos and/or web pages, retrieving and managing the knowledge required becomes a major challenge. Through customized Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, Globe Soft enables you to cover the full content lifecycle, from creation to delivery and archiving of structured and unstructured information. Our solutions make information available and easily accessible in order to support you in reaching your business goals.

  • Features:
    • Web Content Management
    • Digital Asset Management
    • Records Management
    • Document Management
    • E-Mail Management
    • Collaboration